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Australian Bound/ Living with royalty

ROAD TO RECOVERY (3)/ plans to return to oz

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So, within the next 3 months again my life was going to go forward again I was starting to get itchy feet, so I told Mum& Dad who was very upset at my news but as parents were very supportive so next stop was to inform Suzan & her parents of my decision who were the same so when will you go? I have decided to go back to Australia in Jan next year,
So I decided to visit my friends but dad & mum had put both their heads together again and said were going to give you a send off a fortnight before you go so time started to come I had already contacted Australia house sir you were granted indefintly residence in 1971 so in 1974 you were granted permantly residence so you don't have to ask to go back,
So I decided because I found last time i enjoyed my trip over by boat i would do it again so my mate had decided to come back for a holiday then we'll go back together, so I decided to go to church in Prescot Salvation Army for one last time contacted Bill ok we'll have your send off in two weeks so a week before we had a party for all my friends so we invited Bill, Helen & Suzan we all had a great time until the last song when i was made to stand in the middie why everybody sang songs and then 1 by one
we all said our goodbyes tears were flowing freely mainly mine haha, then a week after that on the Sunday i was asked to come on stage and was thanked for giving my time to the different groups i had wanted to be involded in, and it was with great pleasure for them to give this present it was a BIBLE and everybody had signed the inside the front and back, then for the last time can I do the bible reading? it would be my pleasure, so after the service we all went in the hall and it was a homeless heaven,
Then again it was time to say goodbye but not before another presentation? i looked over a Bill & Helen who shook their heads, Suzan then came forward this present this is from all YOUR Youth Group? PLEASE will you accept it? I opened it and with everybody else laughed it was a pair of high BLACK & WHITE shoes ( The ones like Al Capone used to wear sadly when our house burn't down in 1985 everything went up all memories and everything so it was a sad day for me) so Jan 1976 yours trully was leaving to go and get the NATIONAL bus from Liverpool to London
So Mum & Dad said we are going via Prescot then as we passed the Salvation Army was people waving with a sign said GOODBYE & GOODLUCK
Said goodbye to mum,dad & sister as we pulled out of skehorn st tears were starting to flow OH what does the future hold for me, we arrived in London then took off arrived in Singapore then we started our trip to Fremantle but i know what to expect this time

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