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Australian Bound/ Living with royalty

First few weeks in Perth WA

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So after settling into the BATEMAN ( us Engish called it Butlin's) HOLIDAY CAMP,3 meals per day, linen changed every week, all toilets were cleaned by contactors after the christmas/new year holiday's we were told now we can now visit the department of social security to sign papers to recieve money fortnightly, but I wanted a job were told that we could stay there for 3 month's even if we got a job but our living expences would start to being charged, if you didn't have a job you paid a nominal rent, but still would be better off fortnightly, so Monday Morning seeing it was a nice day seeing I had nothing to do all day, I thought I'd walk? one thing I did learn [U][/U][B]never,never ask an Aussie directions oh just go straight and you'll run into it don't forget I was a newby straight off the boat [/B] I started off at 9am by 11 I asked again keep going pom it's not far ( 20 years later as a cab driver I now know the Aussies had taken the mickey out of me) so by this time same # buses were passing me, I'll ask the next taxi driver 20 min's later, I came across a taxi driver sitting on a bench near his taxi eating and drinking I said excuse me mate I want to go to DSS in Freo I was told it's just around the corner? were have you walked from? Bateman!! SH**** mate If your going to walk you'll get there in about 2 hrs, oh I'll get one of those buses that keep passing me, listen pom ( I was starting to get sick of hearing that word) he saw I was getting upset look English are pom's italian's are dagoes, and so on take a pew while I finish my tucker ( tucker? what's this) you hungry? no, but I'm thirsty hand gave me a bottle 1 swig and yak it was lemon hahahahah, ok jump in and I'll take you sorry I haven't got enough but I have for the bus fare? no charge pom" jumped on radio off air for a while why? bl*****y £10 got himself lost ok!! in freo in 15 min's went to DSS want to sign on sorry Mate look to see if there's any job's on the board, some blokes came around nothing again!! I went around checking the boards, how did you go pommy? them blokes said there's nothing here? yea they want job's as lion tamers!! found 8 job's I knew I could do he rang them all up well I might get 1 hahaha you joking pom there screaming out for workers you'll be working next Monday, came out oh find the bus? here come's my £10 pom, here you hungry? I'll get something when I get back, nah come and meet some good blokes look I haven't got much money left, nah my treat so into the pub hey blokes meet my new £10 pom ( listen I paid my own fare out yea but you'll get more out of being called a £10 pom and I did Taxi drivers "DIET" 2 PIES & CHIPS & BEER, so by the time I got home it was nearly 5pm mates said your 1/2Pi****ed you went out at 9 this morning yea hickup, hickup, but Aussie Gave me his card and after that for the next 35 years we were best friends and with his mates when he died back in 1986 they cops had to stop the traffic freo taxis most of them stopped to farwell their mate Aussie ( turned out his real name was giovanni)

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  1. Oudeis's Avatar
    I think you were born a white Australian, a native, so to speak. It sounds as if the place was there waiting just for you all these years...Merseyside's loss is Australia's boon.
    Can you remember what the number of those buses was? I'm just being nosey, they were probably headed down-hill...not in your direction at all.
  2. liverpoolkid2's Avatar
    No Tom Let's get it right mate? if your a native of Australia your an aboriginal the WHITE POLICY was brought in to give English/ Australians/ english speaking people a chance to work,
    The Australian goverment decided there were too many people overstaying there visa's as I posted a while ago he was deported back to the north of England he grew up here he has an Australian wife & children but now can't re-apply for either 5/10 years and the buses were the 103 105 & 155 ( 105 & 155 became defunct in 1982 haha)