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Thread: Acacia House - Everton Brow / Shaw Street

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    Default Acacia House - Everton Brow / Shaw Street

    I'm trying to find out any info on Acacia House on Everton Brow or Shaw Street (possibly on the corner). My grandfather (Tom Jones) ran a 'dancing academy' there probably in 1920s or 1930s and I would love to hear from anyone who remembers it or has any photos or maps with it on.

    All I have is a copy of his headed business letterhead and a photo of someone in a doorway.

    I live in Staffordshire now, but visited the area this weekend to seek out any ghosts - it was strange seeing it for the first time.



    Mike Jones

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    Hello MikeyJ and welcome.

    This is what the 1936 street directory says:
    Acacia Dancing Academy Co.,
    Dancing Rooms,
    (William Tipping Jones, manager),
    71 Everton Brow.
    (It was on the corner of Netherfield Road South).

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    Default Acacia House

    Thanks for tracking this down - a great help!
    Do you know where I might find an on line map from this period?
    Do you know if the council has records of demolition - I was wondering if the house was damaged in the war or later in the clearances in the 60s. It might even still be there - I didn't do down Everton Brow at the weekend, because I thought it must have been on the Shaw Street corner.


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    Did that building become the 'unique' doss house or was that a few doors further along to the South?

    Updated weekly with old and new pics.

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    Default unique

    sounds like the unique to me from the description Ged.

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    Mikey,hope these few piccies are of use to you..upload them if you want mate..
    Ged,the Unique building is 119 Shaw Street so Philip's research would suggest 71 Everton Brow was Indeed on the North side of the Top of Everton Brow.

    Everton Brow looking south along Shaw St.

    The block on the left is 119 Shaw Street,Everton Brow running down toward Richmond Row leading to St Anne St,
    To the right of the top of Everton Brow is the begining of Netherfield Road.
    71 Everton Brow would have been on the grass wasteland..Formerly the Friary boys school.

    Rrrrrrrrrrr ehhhhhhhhhhhh.......not more !!

    The "Brow" cornershop is no 55/57 Everton Brow..
    71 Everton Brow would have been right in front of me Mikey.

    This is the middle of Everton Brow looking up toward Shaw St/Netherfield Road..
    My informants tell me that This side of Coffeys pub was once Everton Crescent and Everton Brow started after Coffeys.

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