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Thread: Searching for Harold Egerton ne Jones (1879-1939)

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    Question Searching for Harold Egerton ne Jones (1879-1939)

    I am searching for any details about my maternal grandfather apart from the census data which has been located already.

    Harold EGERTON was born Harold JONES in Liverpool in 1879. His parents were Edward JONES and Sarah CHILD or CHILDS. He had many siblings. In 1901 he was a mercantile clerk named Harold JONES, but some time before he emigrated to New Zealand in 1907 he changed his occupation and became a photographer and changed his surname to EGERTON. As there seems to have already been an established photographer in Liverpool named Harold JONES, this may have been the motivation for a name change. According to family lore he had a sister living in France and another, married to an Egytpian prince, living in Egypt.


    An information about the family would be greatly appreciated.

    Jim (in Melbourne, Australia)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jim View Post
    I According to family lore he had a sister living in France and another, married to an Egytpian prince, living in Egypt.
    Bloomin eck!!! Royalty

    Welcome Jim

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