The Announcement of a New Book by a First-Time, Unknown Liverpool Writer is Taking the City by Storm!

Although it will not be Published until January, a LIMITED QUANTITY can be
Purchased NOW Before Publication.


This is a warm-hearted Liverpool Story that has a website following that has accumulated close to 300,000 hits. It will make the Perfect Christmas Gift.

The first 10 pages can be read by clicking on the following link and double clicking on the cover to zoom and read, click the right arrow to read the nest page.

You will also find information of where the book can be purchased locally.

Packed full of comical anecdotes that could only happen in Liverpool, this true story will break & warm your heart as the author takes you on a nostalgic journey in search of her mysterious roots. The family secrets she uncovered made the hairs on the back of her neck stand on end, when, after a 20-year search, she discovered that those roots appear to have been buried deep within her subconscious all along.

With a website following that acquired close to 300,000 hits in just a few short months - this book is an amazing story of amateur teamwork & is a must-read, not only for anyone in search of their unknown mother or father, but for everyone whether interested in family history or just a great story.

Following the lives of her small, Catholic family through the Great War, the Great Depression & the Second World War, this book pays homage to

“. . . a generation who were given little support from the country that they fought for and were often forced to rely on charity in the form of the workhouse . . .”

“. . . It’s a story about bigotry, tenacity and above all, hope; and all the struggles, fears, laughter and tears of a generation now dead and gone . . .”

With help from strangers, the truth eventually unfolds from an unmarked grave in a London, Jewish cemetery, revealing the father who was nothing more than an ink blot on her birth certificate & who had been cloaked in a veil of mystery for almost sixty years . . . . . . The DADDY of ALL MYSTERIES.

Written in honour of my parents & grandparents by Jess Welsby

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