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Thread: School kids on strike, mid 80's

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    Default School kids on strike, mid 80's

    Hello folks, i'm wondering if you could help me? I'm trying to find some photo's or information of a demonstration what happened in the mid 80's in Liverpool. The difference was the demonstration was by children, a sort of "school strike" I think it was in protest at cutbacks in the education budget. All of the kids (myself included) gathered at St. Georges Hall for a rally and marched to the Pier Head.
    Any info would be gratefully recieved, thanks in advance.

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    I don't know if it's the same one but there was a 'school strike' in 1985 and there's a photo set on Flickr:

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    Quote Originally Posted by ayjaykay View Post
    I don't know if it's the same one but there was a 'school strike' in 1985 and there's a photo set on Flickr:
    That's the one mate, i'm on the third photo, 2nd from the end holding the Thatcher poster. I always used to kick off when me mate said i looked like Roger waters, but he was right. Thanks mate.

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    We had a school strike in our school ( Stanley Park) - must have been roughly about 1967/8

    we all sat on the grass '' we shall not be moved''

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    Quote Originally Posted by lindylou View Post
    We had a school strike in our school ( Stanley Park) - must have been roughly about 1967/8

    we all sat on the grass '' we shall not be moved''
    you're a rebel and you'll never be any good,

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    I started a school strike after a teacher made us all get undressed into our sport kits. He then questioned every kid who never had his kit and then he told us all to get dressed again as the lesson was over.
    So I decided to stage a strike. After the lunchtime bell went for us all to march back to class over 70 of us young scallies stayed in the yard and started a chant. "N.S.U-No School Uniforms". Then within a few seconds the headmaster appeared. Sixty five or so of the lads ran in leaving five of us.
    The head shouted "Get in now",we looked and mumbled at each other and didn't move. "You're all suspended,get to my office". We decided to go with that as a few legit days off school sounded good.
    So we got our letters to give to our parents and then went to the lower school and terrorised the teachers there,Knocking on doors and windows and being a general nuiscance.
    Oh the good old days.

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    I remember going down to St Georges Hall that day and then onto the Pier Head.
    Delegates form each school stood on the red steel platform and each said a few words.
    Our school was represented by Charley Farrell who couldn't really think of much to say, apart from Maggie, Maggie, Maggie. Which normally got the response of out, out, out. Unfortunately by the time the crowd were fed up with shouting out, out , out.

    It was a good day and the sun was out but at the time I didn't quite understand why we were there.

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    Wow, I'd almost forgotten about this.
    I seem to remember that once the march was underway from St George's Hall, there was a planned route and a short route.
    The short route involved hundreds of kids streaming down over the tunnel entrance, despite the protestations of the march organisers.
    The kids were clambering over the cars that were still able to be parked there, I remember feeling sorry for some poor sod who owned a Mini, a good number of Liverpool schoolkids must've been on that little car.
    Once we got down to the Pier Head it got a bit boring, political speeches and stuff, that we just weren't interested in at that point, I do remember the kid with the 'maggie' mask, though!
    Once it was over we all streamed back up through town, quite a heavy police prescence, St John's precinct was fortified against us, with 'The big friendly policeman' using the kind of language that left us in no doubt that a 'clip around the ear' would be the least of our troubles.

    Looking back, it was a fun day, I'm glad I was there.

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