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    I used to go to the 'Pivvy' in Lodge Lane when it was a well known and popular music hall in the early 1950's. It used to cost 6d for entrance money, as a child, to the cheapest seats right at the back.

    I remember particularly seeing Arthur Lucan as Old Mother Reilly. She (he) did the hat sketch which was hilariously funny to me to me then as a 10 year old.

    Sadly it had become yet another Bingo Hall by 1960.


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    Hi Jasper, my memories of the Pivvy are ones of childhood wonder,I too saw Old Mother Riley and Kitty McShane .We had seen them at the cinema and we were thrilled to bits that "film stars" were on "our" stage. We went there in the 40's and early fifties when they were still pulling in stars like Laurel and Hardy,Sandy Powell and a host of other major players. The most unforgettable show for me ,and many other small boys,was the Big Bill Campbell Wild West Show. There were cowboys ,Indians and even horses,I can still hear the whip cracking as the the cowboy lashed it ,flicking cigarettes out of the cowgirls mouth ,the sharpshooters and the dancing horse,nd Big Bill himself. He was a huge ,bluff man and he sang those cowboy songs that made us wish we were out on the range with him. The finale was when all the cast came on and sat or or stood by the chuck wagons camp fire ,the backdrop portayed a vivid red sunset that gradually faded to black as they sang Ghost Riders in the Sky. We galloped out of that theatre ,coats tied round our necks like cloaks and slapping our own little arses,we Yee Haaed all the way down Lodge Lane. Oh for those days of innocent magic!

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    I was told that Shirley Bassey sang there when she was very young - in the days before she became a megastar. I have read her biog and couldn't find much mention of Liverpool.
    I was told that she knew people in Liverpool at that time.

    I wonder if she did sing on the Pivvy ? Maybe there were some auditions or a talent contest of some kind. Can anyone confirm if this is true ? or is it one of those 'urban myths?'

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