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Thread: Anything North /North West of Kirdale/

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    Default Anything North /North West of Kirdale/

    I wondered why there was nothiing further North than Stanley Park, nothing about Bootle/Litherland/Netherton/Seaforth/Waterloo/Crosby/Thornton/Little Crosby/Hightown. After all Liverpool has at least 25 districts which include at least some of these areas??????

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    No particular reason, but some of those places have been mentioned quite often.
    Do a Search.
    All areas of Merseyside are welcome.

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    If you use the search facility you will find threads on Bootle, Seaforth and Crosby no problem

    Or check out the districts thread and type in North

    Updated weekly with old and new pics.

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    I think Quincy has posted up pics of the Bootle area.

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