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Thread: Midnight disturbances in Fazakerley

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    Default Midnight disturbances in Fazakerley

    Just out of curiosity, does anybody know what the strange humming in the Fazakerley are is?

    It happnes most nights between midnight and 1-2am and can onlt be described as a humming, or the noise an helicopter's motor would make without the rotor blades.

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    Solved. It's when Zappa takes his shoes off.

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    Its Aliens

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    Haha, bloody anoying aliens at that

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ged View Post
    Solved. It's when Zappa takes his shoes off.
    Hey,my feet are cute 'n' clean.
    I haven't heard it. I hear the Prisoners though of a night from Altcourse!!

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