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Thread: hayworth st everton

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    Default hayworth st everton

    hiya does any one know me or any of my family we lived in orient st i had 2 bros phil +billy +1 younger sis gill nearley all my mams family lived local my gromar grandad lived in albion st in between washhouse+albion house boys club ther name was schorah my uncle teddy who lived with them but sadley died young used to play music with my other uncles georgie+george in mostly the pag+mere bank known as toms they were also paint+decorators i used to love going with them on jobs specialy when going betting shop as i always found money under oil cloth i remember getting sent on messages what was known as under the landing as shops had houses built over top we used to come out of my gromars back door which was right next door to wash house and peaple at bus stop opp used to think we owend it which i never objected to ha i went to st georges school then on to lorain st my bros went to venice st i was real tom boy remember climbing walls +dropping down in tommy whites+sliding down st georges hill +havalock st on greased wood straight down to neddy oh i feel sick to think what could of happened to any 1 of us i remember going to john bagot hos when we done may prossesion with box fruit 4 sick kids and getting sent to stanley park with jam buttys +we used to get bottles of lemo made up opp in walton lane we would b out all day my aunties+cousins lived 3 familys in albion st 2 in northumberland terrace 1 in daniel st 1 nickholson st and 1 hapton st i remember all us kids would go 2 me gromars at dinner time all 16 of us and have bowls of muligatarney soup what my grandad made mmmmmmm or whatsas scouse pies gorgeous use to have to queue up with cardboard to put them on just out of oven anyway if anyone remembers this or me linda would love to hear from u tara 4 now i have made myself hungry

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    stan howard
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    Default st georges

    hi linda , i remenber everywhere you mention and went to the same schools as your brothers but alas i dont know or remember them, what interests me most was your going down havelock street on greased wood, men have won medals for less, eddie the eagle would have run a mile at the mention of it. as for watts scouse pies i still think about them in fact i have been trying to figure out the recipe, that watts guy has a lot to answer for taking his recipe with him. mitchells pies were ok too but not in the same league. the pies in shops today are complete crap. i believe they have changed the name of st georges school to the beacon WHY ? sounds like the idea of a politically correct midget brain looking for promotion.
    linda no doubt you remember new years eve outside st georges, it was the only chance me and my mates got of ever getting a kiss, even swine flu wouldnt have stopped us, as for the betting shops sherbulls and meadows they were only good for deposits no withdrawls.

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    Can't remember ever there being schorah's up that end of the street but there were schorah's near the bottom end though nearer to Albion place or the ollar that used to be a house,it got knocked down after the war due to stray bomb damage.

    I wus a nipper when I lived there up to when we moved back in 68/69 I think?

    Blurry Hell,you a didn't once get stuck in a hole we made in the ceiling of a disused shop did yer? we had our first viewing of what girls had back then.

    I also remember Albion house and at the back was a floodlit footie cage..yes!
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    Quote Originally Posted by stan howard View Post
    hi linda , i remenber everywhere you mention and went to the same schools as your brothers but alas i dont know or remember them, what interests me most was your going down havelock street on greased wood
    Been there,done that Stan...which brings me to the point of Schoras again.there used to be a Billy,Geoffrey and Carol family on one of the steep streets,they libed near the top end of the street...can't remember their Mother&Fathers names?
    But we used to grease boards and slide down to it was sure dangerous as you could have sliced yer fingers off holding on to them boards not to mention the traffic at the bottom of Nethy.

    Eben went down on our Steeries sometimes.

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    stan howard
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    Default st georges school

    linda i went to st georges school c1958 - 1960 i dont remember much other than three boxing bouts two wins and and a bloody nosed end of boxing career. and the pride of wearing the cross of st george on my football jersey. on my first day at school i went to see the headmaster mr fletcher who said to me see this lump (pointing to his head) who could miss it ! well your brother gave this to me with a cricket ball, my face dropped but then he said if you turn out half as good as him i will be delighted. anyway linda i hope you find someone a bit more helpful to you.

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