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    apologies if this is covered else where..still finding my way round..but has anyone any photos of any of the old Liverpool Hospitals....especially the David Lewis Northern,Royal Southern,Royal Infirmary......I had so many but have lost them in moving over the years..........many thanks

    I have looked on google and there are a few of the Royal Infirmary but not any ones of the DLN or the Southern for anything after they were built....and I know I am getting on in yrs but even that was well before my time....

    In fact any of any would be nice...Womens,Myrtle Street,Sefton General....

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    Have a look at the 'unseen liverpool' thread, at post number 359 by Sirob. The pictures he posted of Liverpool Exchange Station show the David Lewis in the background.

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    This site has a few:
    There was also a large model of the Royal Southern in the Museum Of Liverpool Life (now closed, of course).

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    Thank you so was nice to see a pic of the Northern.....and Sefton General looks just how I remember it.........

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