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Thread: Mystery 1950s City Centre Location - Does Anyone Know It?

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    Default Mystery 1950s City Centre Location - Does Anyone Know It?

    Hello there all.

    Some of you might possibly have seen the stuff I've been doing recently - the 'Liverpool: Then and Now' type things - Kev has recently kindly given me a page to show my stuff on the site here.

    I'm only asking this here, because I think if anyone would know and might be able to help me, this is the place to come!

    I've found a photo of my (late) father, taken in 1952 in Liverpool City Centre, and although the (limited) scene and parts of buildings look very familiar, I just cannot place where it might have been taken.

    Helpfully for me, I have a record of his itinerary for that day, because it was the day he joined his first vessel in the Merchant Navy, and he wrote the details of his day in the website of his memoirs of life at sea that he created before he passed away. It's at if any other merchant navy/seafaring types are interested.

    Here is the photo.

    first_day by Keithjones84, on Flickr

    I know this much. He arrived on the train from Colwyn Bay to Lime Street Station and made his way to the ship's agents who were were

    "S C Chambers (an ancient shipping agency located on the top floor of an office overlooking the Birkenhead tunnel entrance".

    I'm not sure if that would have been in the block near the Technical College at Byrom Street or the other side around Old Haymarket...

    From there they may possibly have visited the old Sailor's Home as he had on previous visits, but certainly went over to Tranmere to board the London Pride, before being sent back to Liverpool as 'the new boys' to buy supplies of soap, newspapers and toothpaste etc for the older crew members.

    I realise there's not much info on the photo to go on, but I thought if anyone might recognise the spot even from an old photo, it might be someone on here.

    Well if I don't ask, there's no chance of finding out, because although it looks familiar to me, I haven't been able to place it either on Google Street View or by looking for likely spots while out and about doing my photo project.

    Thanks for looking anyway, and if anyone has any ideas it really would be much appreciated.


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