It's amazing how so many people work in liverpool who live in liverpool. They know what they're doing. It's shapely and soft but it makes sense. How many of these people drink coffee. Espresso, Cappuccino, whatever variety, they all do it. One of them works in Thornton's, not quite the master chocolatier.

Waterstones bookshop is great, a crushed empty coke can not soo great. Chicken on the stand where the ECHO's are sold near to the JJB store in town. She buys pasties at Sayers, but not for long. How many of these people are with me, not many.

Under the road we go, along Lime Street we pass, looking staring, helplessly waving, not too long to go. How may of these people are lottery winners, none at all.

It is for this reason you come to the conclusion that this poem is nothing short of english language at it's best.

This is one of my 35 poems due to be published by late June. Anybody interested in buying the 40 page book called Liverpool By Choice, it will be available from July 1st in a few selected shops in Liverpool City Centre. I will be posting details soon. RRP 17.99