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Thread: Woolton Street, Woolton, 1907 in 2013

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    Woolton Street, Woolton, 1907 in 2013 by Keithjones84, on Flickr

    When doing Then and Now shots, I particularly like looking at photos from as long ago as possible, and also find particular interest in shots that have people in them, as well as just the buildings of the day. To me they're like a treasure trove of info in, quite literally, a snapshot of a different time.

    This one was taken in around 1907 and shows a large group of people setting off on an excursion in a motorised open-topped vehicle. We don't know where they're off to, but the moment was recorded here either for promotion of the 'tour' operator, or I suppose because trips in vehicles of this kind would have still had some novelty value in those early days of the 20th Century.

    The part of the road on which the bus stood has now been pedestrianised, and half of The Elephant Hotel building has been demolished and rebuilt but I've blended the old shot and the new as well as I can to try to show the Edwardian day-trippers as if they are taking a trip to 2013!

    This shot and more than 1,000 others in a similar vein can be seen in my Flickr set and Facebook page, here...

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    I should maybe add that I'm as bemused as anybody as to why this thread is called 'Tree'! I suspect I put a dummy title in while I worked out how to embed the photo, and forgot to change it back to the correct one, which should have been 'Woolton Street, Woolton, 1907 in 2013'!

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    I've edited the title. Excellent view!
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    Nice work, Keith.


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