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    I would have posted this on Saturday but I didn't know what it was

    The Orrery
    This dramatic mechanical sculpture symbolises Liverpool as 'the Centre of The Creative Universe'.

    The giant structure explores and celebrates cultural organisations and the 08 highlights in the form of planets, suns moons and stars creating a Liverpool 08 solar system.

    The project will visit primary schools throughout '08 and showcase at events throughout the year. There is a wealth of performances, exhibitions and participatory events, which young people can engage in.

    This project will excite, inspire and engage young people in art forms they are familiar with; those they are not and combinations beyond their imaginations!

    If you can't dazzle them with brilliance,baffle them with bull please give generously to childrens cancer charity Clic sergent

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    Think it could of been displayed on a nicer platform.. Not boxes showing underneath and all.. takes away from the art design... hemmmm?

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