Port of Liverpool Building, 1950s in 2013 by Keithjones84, on Flickr

I have had to estimate the era for this old photograph based on the clothes of the passers by, those lounging on the seating and the look of the photo, so I recognise it may or may not be correct but hope it's an interesting shot either way.

I chose this picture to be the first added to my section on 'Yo! Liverpool' because it is one I took only today and the place holds happy memories for me. I recall being shown around the grand building and its (possibly even grander) interior ny my father back in the early 1980s.

For anyone who has not been inside the Port of Liverpool Building, I would recommend a look around.

It is a working office building but is open for people to enter the common areas, and has marvellous stained glass windows at regular intervals along the wide spiral staircases.

Each of the windows represents a different country of the world - I'm not too sure whether they were the countries of the Commonwealth at the time it was built or whether they depicted the countries with which the port of Liverpool traded at the time. I suspect the latter but either way it's a greatly historic piece of architecture.

I also have a particular interest because in a few months time I will be working in there!

To the right of the POLB is Albion House, built in the 1890s and further to the right are the most modern of recent additions - the Merseytravel building and the very new Museum of Liverpool.

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