I sell two tickets (pitch standing) for the magic venue at Anfield on the 1st June 2008.

Seeing Macca is a dream since I was very very young and the reason for which I’m selling these two tickets is that I’m pregant and I will be too “large” to take part to the event (even because I’m Italian and I have to travel by air).

Description of the event:

“This once-in-a-lifetime concert to celebrate Liverpool's unrivalled status as the World's Capital of pop, rock and contemporary music will be a global event.

It will be a multi-artist concert in front over 35,000 people at the world famous Anfield Football Stadium on Sunday 1 June. The concert will be headlined by Sir Paul McCartney and his band and will also feature, live on stage, global superstars of popular music, to be announced at a later date, performing to one of the best audiences in the world. Millions of viewers will also see this celebration of Liverpool on television and online as it will be broadcast live to the worldwide audience.

This will be the first and last global concert ever to be staged at Anfield, the home of Liverpool Football Club before they move to a new home. It is well documented that world famous artists and musicians cite the Liverpool music scene as an inspiration to them and their music, and now, that music has travelled around the world and will, in 2008 at The Liverpool Sound, come back home to be redefined in the place it was born”.

The tickets delivery expedition will depend on the place in which I have to send them. I post from Italy! (It is more or less 6£ for UK)

Moreover there are further information that I have to explain you about the tickets delivery and I would like to do it by e-mail, so please, ask me information to this e-mail address: before placing your offer! Specify in the object “Liverpool sound ebay”.