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    Hello out there, I'm trying to get info on a James Livingstone b/abt 1831 a carter that married a Ellen Molyneux b/abt 1833, in 1858. I now they were married at the All Souls Church of England on Eaton Street, Vauxhall Road.
    I cannot find them on any census til the 1881 one. They are posted in there as residing at 2H 10Ct Upper Milk Street, Vauxhall Road in Liverpool. Their last name is spelled as [Livingston ] no "e" on the census. Then they are gone again.
    And I cannot seem to locate them after that at all.
    I need to know, what ever happened to them and whether they ever had any children, as I cannot seem to find out this info.
    The reason being is that my g-grandfather James Livingstone was born in Liverpool abt/1859? and that his mothers name was Ellen Livingstone nee Molyneux. Father's name is a mystery although speculation is that it was James as well??
    My ggf had a sister b/abt 1860, possibly named Margaret. She married a William Shearman Fletcher in 1885
    So I'm up against a brick wall in my tree research, any help would be an asset.
    I've tried the emailing the Public Records Library and a few other Liverpool on-line sites as well.
    So if this rings a bell in somebody's memory or if they know of any Livingston/Livingstone families are still living in the area, please post and let me know. Thanks ...Liv
    [I live in Canada]

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    Hello Liv, we are cousins. I just messaged you with all the info. I can trace both sides back to the late 1700s now and I'm also in Canada...Nova Scotia to be exact. Since many people are still living, please just message me back privately. Thanks! ~Abbe xoxo

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