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Thread: Freeman,s Store Wavertree Road

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    Default Freeman,s Store Wavertree Road

    This was one of the many shops I was taken to as a kid in the 1950/60s. I was born in Hawdon street off Earle Road so this was our local shopping area along with Lodge Lane and Smithdown Road.
    In 1971 while serving as an apprentice electrician we got the contract as part of the refurbishment of Freemans Store.
    This job lasted 18 months, I met my wife there, which is another story.
    I just wondered if anyone had pictures of the old Freemans stores or had memories of this shop or maybe worked there at some time.
    I remember mr. Fred Freeman a tall ginger haired man who was in charge at the time I worked there.
    There was a bowling alley which I think you gained access from Overton Street.
    I met lots of the store workers while I was there even had a few drinks and dates with the girls, great times.
    I hope to hear from someone who has memories of Freemans.

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    I remember being taken to the Freeman's Department store in Wavertress Road by an aunt in the early 70s.

    Is my mind playing tricks or did they give change in plastic token form rather than cash to ensure you spent it "in house"?

    If so - was this legal?


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    Default hawdon st

    hi. i used to live at no 2 hawdon st on the corner with spekeland rd and i used to go to chatsworth st school and then earle rd school i left that school in 1952 and got a job at the co-op bakery at ?1 -7/6 per week.
    i have some very fond memories growing up here but sadly i cannot remember names my friend in hawdon st was raymond gregory but he passed his 11 pluss and we drifted apart.
    i can still hear the german bombers overhead even now.
    and the winters where so cold [no central heating] and a toilet in the yard.
    how did we survive it all?

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    I went to the new Taskers store yesterday, which has taken over the old Freemans building !, how great to see the building "alive" again , I worked in the old TSB in Overton Street in the 70's,which was "inside" the Freemans building.
    How nice to see that after all these years the area is alive again !.

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