I wonder if anyone could give me some advice as to how I could trace my grandfather and his brother. I only have my grandfather's death certificate and both his and his brother's marriage certificates. Sadly I am not even sure if they were born in Liverpool as I cannot find any trace of them on the censuses, although I'm sure they must have been.

Thomas Pratt was born about 1881 and served with the King's Regiment but was killed in WW1. I have as much info as is available from army records but not DOB as his records were destroyed. I think his wife, Phoebe Pratt nee Lyons, may have had a dress shop on Queen's Drive circa 1915. Thomas and Phoebe both gave the same address on their marriage certificate (1903) and I think it says 26 Court 5 House Bond(?) Street.

John was born in quarter 4 1896, as his death certificate states he was 64 when he died in October 1961. He was married in 1922 and was living in Penrhyn Street at the time of his marriage but I believe he moved in with his new wife, Maria Corry, into Mile End afterwards.

Thomas gave his father's name as Thomas Pratt, deceased, on his marriage certificate in 1903 but John left his father's name blank on his.

I am trying to establish if they were actually born in Liverpool and who their parents where or even if they were full brothers given the 15 age gap and no other apparent siblings. Sadly, started this search too late to ask any living relatives so has anybody got any ideas as to where I might get some more info?

Thanks for listening x