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Thread: Liverpool crypt readied for Corb

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    Default Liverpool crypt readied for Corb

    Just found this short article about the upcoming Le Corbusier exhibition planned for later this year. It has some nice pictures of the crypt.

    This is a rare glimpse of the Edwin Lutyens-designed crypt beneath Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral.

    In October the vaults will house the RIBA's Le Corbusier exhibition – the first major UK exhibition of the Swiss architect's work since the show at the Hayward Gallery in 1987.

    The crypt, which is not open to the general public, was built between 1933 and 1941 and was the only part of Lutyens' cathedral plans to be constructed.

    The rest of the cathedral was designed by Frederick Gibberd.

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    Interesting to note that when the foundations were being laid for the Cathedral, after they pulled down the Workhouse, they found some original Williamson's Tunnels (noted by their design) - but filled them in.

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