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Thread: Our Lady's Eldon Street War Memorial Website

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    Hi All

    I have put online a web site dedicated to the men listed on the World War One memorial at Our Lady Of Reconciliation Church, Eldon Street, Liverpool.
    Not all of the men have as yet been found, but there is plenty of information
    to put it online now. I remain in the process of research, and will continue to search for information on the men listed. By putting it online now I hope that relatives of the men may see it, and maybe add to the site. The memorial contains 206 names. If you have any information you can add, or you spot any mistakes then please let me know.

    Above all, it is a remembrance of the brave men of this parish.

    Here is the link.

    I hope you like it ( Im off for a lie down )
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    Well done Gnomie - you already know I think this is great.

    Updated weekly with old and new pics.

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    Brilliant Tony
    Well done

    I have started off your guest book
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