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Thread: King's Cup Air Race, Speke Airport 1934

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    Default King's Cup Air Race, Speke Airport 1934

    The following fascinating photographs of Speke Airport were generously given to me by Mr Peter McReady. Most of them were taken during the King's Cup Air Race around 1934 some of the later ones were during the war. They have never been published before, so enjoy.
    Peter wrote to me, "My father worked for Shell and acted as a refuelling officer at Speke airport. There are pictures of the special Bowser used for this. He worked through the Blitz delivering petrol to the fire engines and other units and had quite a few tales to tell about this, like standing on top of the petrol tanks and watching the incendrey bombs go right through and were put out by the petrol. I remember going to the airport with him in 1932 and going around there refueling the aircraft".

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    Cool pics,

    Bring back the Speke Airshow!

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