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Thread: Tesco Metro or Express, Edge Hill

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    Default Tesco Metro or Express, Edge Hill

    As I was walking one bright February morn...

    I came across a bunch of Heras fencing and some signs proclaiming that soon Tesco Value would be available on Overton Street, L7.

    After a bit of searching, it turns out that they are renovating what was once a Kwik Save opposite Taskers DIY.

    My question is, does anyone know how long it's taken, or supposed to last?
    The internet is very unhelpful on the issue of when it'll open - Radio City seem to be running some sort of competition relating to it, but Tesco don't want to admit it exists on their site.

    I ask because a) I'm round the corner and any way of getting to food quicker is a bonus and b) while I was walking past, they seemed to be resurfacing the car park, and a BT van was in evidence - both signs of near-completion, I'd have thought. On the other hand, there seemed to be some exposed RSJs on the other side of the site - some sort of extension perhaps - that would indicate they have a while to go...

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    Its opening Monday I think......
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