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Thread: T.G. Berry, Locksmith

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    Default T.G. Berry, Locksmith

    Does anyone remember T.G. Berry, the locksmiths in a basement on School Lane.

    We used to ask him to make new keys for all the old furniture we rescued from various places, he could make keys for just about any lock.

    I used to collect factory clocks - clocking-in machines and the like - and he could make new locks for those as well.

    No matter how long you left a lock with him, when you went in to collect it he would say "how long are you in town?" and then "pop back in half an hour".

    Then one day we went and the place was all closed up - and we never did get all our locks and clocks back :-(


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    I believe they're on Ebay, quite expensive too

    Updated weekly with old and new pics.

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    I can't remember the locksmith but I well remember the cutlers near the top end. I lived next door to an old bloke in the 70s who only ever shaved with an old cut-throat razor. Although he could strop it to sharpen it, every now and then it needed to have a new edge put on it and this could be done in this shop, which had every bladed thing known to man for sale. Whenever I went into town I'd drop the razor off and pick it up an hour later. I think the charge was 20p. The shop is long gone now.

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