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Thread: Knotty Ash Air Training Corps Squadron

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    Default Knotty Ash Air Training Corps Squadron

    Vandals have attacked a cadet training centre in Liverpool.

    The Knotty Ash Air Training Corps Squadron on Thomas Lane was broken into on Friday night.

    The team is currently in the running for the award for the best squadron in the country and was due a visit from a high-ranking officer.

    Gill Brannan from the corps said it would thousands of pounds to repair the damage: "Everything is smashed, a wall is ripped out, there is nothing left."

    She added: "The paint that we'd bought to paint the railings outside to make sure everything looked really good for the commodore coming to visit us on the 6 March, that has been thrown all over the squadron.

    "The place is devastated. Everything is smashed there's no computers left - everything has gone, even down to sweets and mugs that we drink out of."

    Police are investigating the incident.

    BBC Liverpool
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    Kev, unless it's happened again they're back to normal now as it was earlier this year.

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