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Thread: LIVERPOOL'S historic Adelphi hotel

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    Default LIVERPOOL'S historic Adelphi hotel

    LIVERPOOL'S historic Adelphi hotel is to get a multi-million pound makeover to restore its faded grandeur in time for 2008.

    All 402 bedrooms will be refurbished, and disused parts of the building will be brought back to life as conference and banqueting facilities.

    The hotel has also acquired the adjacent former Reece's dairy building and applied for planning permission to convert it into a multi-storey car park.

    The outside of the hotel, which enjoys a prominent position in the city centre, will also be cleaned up.

    But hotel owner Alex Langsam denied the revamp was forced on the hotel by its poor image in recent years.

    He said: "The intention is to put in more conference facilities.

    "There will be a whole lot of meeting rooms and there will be a new banqueting suite."

    The new facilities will be housed on the lower ground floor at the back of the hotel in rooms once home to a laundry and tennis courts. The old laundry has not been in use for 50 years.

    The new banqueting hall will have capacity for 1,000 diners.

    Mr Langsam said: "I don't want to do to the Adelphi what they did to the Midland hotel in Manchester. They had a lovely old hotel and they battered it.

    "We have marble and panelling at the Adelphi. It is not the sort of hotel that would benefit from a modern makeover.

    "We see ourselves as the custodians of a fine old building."

    The rooms are to be redecorated and upgraded with new furniture.

    Mr Langsam denied his hotel was blighted by a poor image. "We have not been affected by that. The hotel is exceptionally busy. We must be the most popular hotel in town. We have a following.

    "People like the style, they like the staff and the fact that we don't rip them off.

    "When I took over the hotel, it only had one floor in use. Now it has the highest occupancy rate in town," he said.
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    Thank you so much for posting this article!

    It's still my dream to spend at least one night at the Adelphi if I ever can afford it...

    I've only attended two Beatles Conventions there.

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    Just as a matter of interest how much is a night there.anyone know?

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    Quote Originally Posted by edwardo View Post
    Just as a matter of interest how much is a night there.anyone know?
    Just checked their web site. It's not very expensive from ?49 to ?80 per night varying with what meals you eat.

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    I was there for the" Hall of Fame Concert " recently.. It still looks the same the inside..Very magestic..Lovely the convention and parlor rooms...

    Didn't get to see the quest rooms (this time around), but, when I stayed there 5 years ago..they were dark and not very welcoming.. Hope they did improve it..

    The halls upon entering are still bright.. The plumbing does not work in the Concert halls well..( toilets don't want to flush..) So, definitely a plumber would be adviceable..

    It is a grand old dame though.. Lovely!

    Hope they renovated the rooms..and fix that plumbing...

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    My grand-daughter and I stayed at the Adelphi for one night in May and it was about ?100 for the two of us, but no meals included. Mind you, we did find a hard boiled egg in the kettle We just wanted a room for the night and had thought of Premier Inn but they couldn't accommodate us for the weekend we wanted. We trawled the internet and in the end the Adelphi was the best value...cheaper than most of the other 'top class' hotels and certainly very convenient for city centre. We enjoyed our stay very much and will be repeating it in November, but staying at the Premier Inn this time for ?65 per room, per night When we stayed at the Adelphi we noticed the price of breakfast was ?11 each We breakfasted at Debenhams for about ?5 each We are coming in November for the family history event at St. George's Hall and really looking forward to it.

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    And let's not forget this

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