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Thread: graffiti artists opinions wanted :]

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    Question graffiti artists opinions wanted :]

    hi my names tammy and im currently working on a project for my grpahic design course. Its about graffiti and the debate as to wether it is art or vandalism. I'm looking to collect a serious of opinions from various graffiti artists - regardless of age,experience,location.Any one can reply :]

    all i need you to do is fill out the questions below and reply to this topic or email me at

    Thankyou :]

    the questions:

    1. What is your opinion on the view that graffiti is just vandalism?

    2. What effects do you think graffiti has on people in a town/city, eg emotions, mood etc?

    3. Why do you think councils are so keen to clean off graffiti?

    4. What messages, if any, are you trying to put across with your graffiti?

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    if you have permission it is art as it's wanted by the owner of the canvas, be he the artist or just the owner, if not you are just exploiting the right to call expressionism art and force it on the owner, i chuck loads of examples of expressionism down the toilet everyday, it's only when someone wants to own it , and makes their choice to own it, and call it art that its art, otherwise its someone elses un-claimed rubbish, signing your name on something doesn't give you a right to sell it or make money

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