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Thread: 08 Opening Event at St. Georges Hall

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    Default 08 Opening Event at St. Georges Hall

    I know I'm a bit late with this one but I've been working away and only now have a chance to post here.

    Did anyone else notice that the central section of the stage outside the St. Georges hall during the opening event was supported by the War Memorial ?

    They actually used the Memorial to rest the top of the stage on

    Now this is capital of culture year and that Memorial is there to those men and women of Liverpool who gave there lives for us to have a capital of culture. Is anyone else offended by this as Liverpool City Counsel dont appear to be !

    I mailed them the day of the event as I saw what had been done on the way into work but never had a camera to capture it. It took until this afternoon for them to mail me back with there response. That response was simply to ask me to fill in an on line questioare about my thoughts on the 08 culture events, no apology, no reasons for them doing it just questions on how old I am, where I live, my ethnic background and if I planned to visit other 08 functions. What a load of crap.

    I also saw on the news that there is a "sculpture" in the Townhall dedicated to the millions who died in the concentration camps during WW2. Yes this is a fantastic way to remember those people but WHY is the counsel spending money on things like that and yet on the other hand shaming the memory of its own people by using the monument to there sacrifice as astage support ?

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    Although it looked a tight squeeze, the stage was above the memorial by a few inches. The memorial was covered in a bright yellow sheet, when I took a daytime picture of it.

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