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Thread: Lime st station in the 50's

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    Default Lime st station in the 50's

    dont know if this has been posted before, if it has I do appoligise.

    Lime St

    Some great images on the station in the 50's
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    Not seen those before DP, thanks for that. I remember that us Gerard Gardens kids nicked one of those trolleys shown in pic 2 and used it for riding down the incline from Hunter Street into the square until it ran over one lad's foot and his 'notorious' dad came down with an hatchet and hacked it up, even carrying the heavy steel wheels up to his back veranda on the top landing.

    My dad used to take me the cafe in the 1970s and I remember looking out of the window at that neon sign facing, i'm sure it was an embassey cigarettes one.

    Then he'd go to John Menzies book store inside the station to pick up the latest edition of a fortnightly encyclopedia magazine which when added together the book must've cost a hundred pounds.

    Updated weekly with old and new pics.

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