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Thread: New Wall of Fame

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    Exclamation New Wall of Fame

    THE names of 100 great Merseysiders will be inscribed in a new wall of fame outside the ECHO Arena.

    Spirit of Merseyside is designed as a tribute to some of the most famous and most influential people who have made great contributions to the city.

    It will be based on the list of greatest Merseysiders printed in the ECHO this year.

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    They include those who have made their mark in sport, music, education, entertainment, business, politics, in public service and for courageous acts.

    The overall winner, voted for by ECHO readers, was Everton legend Dixie Dean.

    Others who will be immortalised include writer Brian Jacques, four times prime minister William Gladstone, war hero Ian Fraser VC and Liverpool Cathedral architect Giles Gilbert Scott.

    Iconic city figures including the Beatles, Ken Dodd and even Red Rum are also on the list alongside headteachers, religious leaders and charity workers.

    The new tribute will cost £80,000, funded through the Northwest Regional Development Agency, Capital of Culture partners and £5,000 from Liverpool Culture Company.

    Culture Company head of tourism Keith Blundell has drawn up a report to be presented to next Monday’s city culture, media and sport select committee.

    He said: “It will provide a fitting tribute to the achievements of Liverpool and Merseyside citizens and be a lasting legacy for Capital of Culture year.”

    Names will be engraved on granite slabs and inlaid with stainless steel characters.

    The design, created to be in keeping with the rest of the new Kings Dock site development, has been chosen to be as theft and vandal- proof as possible.

    The 100 names will be featured on a wall in the landscaped area between the ECHO Arena and the Albert Dock.

    Organisers say they expect thousands of people a year to pass by it, giving it “significant exposure and public awareness”.

    Top 100: The Spirit of Merseyside

    Ken Dodd

    John Peel

    Arthur Askey

    Leonard Rossiter

    Paul McGann

    Peter Sissons

    Rex Harrison

    Maud Carpenter

    Kenny Everett

    Andreas Whittam Smith

    Bill Shankly

    Beth Tweddle

    Joe Mercer

    Mary Peters

    Red Rum

    John Conteh

    Steven Gerrard

    Billy Liddell

    Dixie Dean

    Bob Paisley

    Steve Binns

    Cherie Booth

    Ricky Tomlinson

    Fiona Castle

    Kitty Wilkinson

    Joan Jonker

    Rex Makin

    Margaret Simey

    Derek Worlock/David Sheppard

    Sir Bob Scott

    James Mawdesley

    Captain Johnny Walker

    Simon Weston

    Frank Field MP

    Noel Chavasse VC and bar

    William Roscoe

    Wally ‘Stoker’ Arnold

    Commander Ian Fraser

    Agnes Jones

    The Merchant Navy

    Frank Hornby

    Sir John Moores

    Sir Terry Leahy

    Brian Epstein

    Samuel Cunard

    Alastair Pilkington

    William Hesketh Lever

    Michael Whitty

    David Levy

    MacGregor Laird

    Robert Tressell

    Wilfred Owen

    Giles Gilbert Scott

    Arthur Dooley

    E Chambre Hardman

    Adrian Henri

    Roger McGough

    Willy Russell

    Brian Jacques

    Shirley Hughes

    Sir Charles Groves

    The Beatles

    Sir Simon Rattle

    Frankie Vaughan

    Billy Fury

    The Spinners

    Gerry Marsden

    Ian Tracey

    George Melly

    Rita Hunter

    Father Francis O’Leary

    Charles Thompson


    Fr James Nugent


    John Heenan

    Alder Hey

    William Henry Quilliam

    JMU Citizenship Awards

    Dr William Duncan

    Harold Wilson

    Bessie Braddock

    King John

    William Gladstone

    Eric Heffer

    Jack Jones

    Sydney Silverman

    Lord Shawcross

    Eleanor Rathbone

    Margaret Beavan

    Prof Janet Hemingway

    William Rathbone

    Joseph Rotblat

    Claire Dove

    Jeremiah Horrocks

    Sir Ronald Ross

    William Pobjoy

    Peter Toyne

    Sir James Picton

    Prof Oliver Lodge

    IC Liverpool
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    So Cherie Booth (I assume it's Tony Blair's wife) gets a mention on this 'all time great' list yet someone like Joseph Williamson doesn't get a jot of a mention?

    I think I've seen it all now

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    There's only one Hall of Fame that matters, that's right here
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    Why only 100 ???
    Are more names to be added at a later time. ?

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    I'm glad they are doing that, but a hundred - it should be more than that. If you add up all the people of note, past and present, it would come to more like a thousand.

    The trouble is we have so many that have come out of this city, where do you start !

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