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Thread: Liverpool’s waterways

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    Default Liverpool’s waterways

    WILDLIFE is thriving in Liverpool’s waterways, a new survey has found.

    The focus of the fourth British Waterways annual wildlife survey was the kingfisher, which is considered a reliable indication of the health of the waterway.

    In Liverpool, 19 of the iconic blue birds were spotted.

    There was a total of 130 creatures along the waterside, with more unusual “spots” being grass snakes, terrapins, mink and otters.

    Ecologists pinpointed the Leeds-Liverpool Canal as a top place to spot waterside wildlife, particularly water voles as they are dotted throughout in various locations in the wash walls.

    The kingfisher is generally accepted as a key indicator of good water quality and a healthy ecosystem.

    Cath Ferguson, environment and heritage manager at British Waterways in the North West, said the participation survey worked by inviting visitors to waterways to report what they saw.

    She said: “We are encouraged by the results – in the Liverpool area we’ve had reports of indicator species like the kingfisher, and rarer species such as water voles.

    “We put this down to improvements in water quality and it suggests the health of wildlife in canals is particularly good.”

    Daily Post

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    Great to hear. Thanks, Kev.

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    I passed that snippet onto Ron Formby of the Scottie Press Kev, cheers.

    His reply:

    Ged - Thanks for your email - it was about 6 years ago when I started to voice up the Leeds - Liverpool Canal as "Close Contact With Nature". I was in contact with the boss man at English Nature and we discussed the bio-diversity of the L - L Canal. As you know the Eldonians got £200.000 for Canal Rangers (who are a good bunch of people) and as such the future of the L - L Canal - Canal Bird Life etc is in their hands. I do keep pooping down to the canal to feed the birds and to try and get an interesting photo. Aspects of the more recent photos (2000-2007) will feature in the Changing Face of Local Communities Exhibition 2008.

    Best regards Ron

    Updated weekly with old and new pics.

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