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Thread: Aigburth Hall Farm - Stanlawe Grange

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    Default Aigburth Hall Farm - Stanlawe Grange

    One for Chris George.

    I know you've mentioned this place before Chris, not sure if you've seen this one.

    The pic says a photograph taken in 1875 was wasn't aware of any exisiting of Liverpool from that far back?

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    In 1840 liverpool had the world's first photograph developing and printing service.

    The oldest known photo of Liverpool in existence was in 1851:

    The first photograph ever was a street scene in Paris in 1825.
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    canals to view its modern museum describing
    how it once was?

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    Thanks, Ged. I am assuming that we are looking at what was known as the "Monk's House" at the rear and the building to the left is what was termed the "Upper Barn" -- in other words the barn furthest away from the river, the "Lower Barn" being on the other side of the courtyard. This is all in the area where the Aigburth Nursery is now located. See the previous thread.

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