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Thread: Under Lime Street and Bold Street

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cadfael View Post
    Under the old Kwik Fit was a bit of a strange one. This goes back years ago and this is from the horses mouth as I was there and have the pics to prove it. A few of us Williamson's Tunnels bods met up in the Dispensary one Sunday afternoon for a jar or 4 and we got in to conversation with the proprietor who said that the cellar floor sounded hollow. We decided to have a nose around the old kwik fit garage as it was empty and upon removing a drain cover, it dropped down about 10 foot in to what looked to be a narrow underground street/passageway. With the aid of a ladder (as you'll always find one on a Sunday afternoon in a pub...) we nipped down. It ran parallel to the road and had a number of bricked up sandstone lintle windows and 3 rectangle doorways blocked up. There were cobbles on the floor which suggested a part road but I think this was just a basement area for the houses above. Going towards Hardman Street was an arch blocked up that we couldn't get even a single brick out.

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    Just wondered if anyone in authority,such as the council,museums,etc,know anything about these? I remember seeing the pic's on here,but has there been any further investigation?

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    Cadfael: i have been dying to see proof of the dispensary and kwik-fit tunnel rumour! i owe you one, ,you have truly made my week !!!!!! . is their any chance i could be cheeky and see the rest of the pictures you might have? i understand if its a no-no but the end result for me is to have a map overlay to put on top of google earth with corresponding pictures.
    wsteve55: I will take a look at this, now i know it exists !!! being that i am a bad geek ive got a snake cam, so if i can get access to the quick-fit site, ,legally of course, i will definately be looking into this a lot
    Thanks again guys! this is why i love this site so much !!!

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