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Thread: Paranormal Inveatigation in The Old Police Station, Lark Lane.

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    Default Paranormal Inveatigation in The Old Police Station, Lark Lane.

    You have the right to remain silent...

    Do you have what it takes to join us on a paranormal investigation of The Old Police Station in Lark Lane? Dare you be locked in murderess, Florence Maybrick’s cell, the wife of the alleged Jack the Ripper? Will you witness the apparition of a former Police Officer roaming the many corridors in the station. Will you hear the footsteps climbing the stairs behind you or will you feel a mysterious presence in the old firehouse?

    Spend the evening locked up with Night Vision Investigations, we dare you!

    Tickets available at:


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    in case anyone wants to know, it's on the 10th March and will cost you 30 quid

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    nightvision investigations, you got access to under lime st if i remember correctly?

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    When i click on night vision it takes me to ebay night vision goggles and gun units !!!

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    Ah but Smurf, for the price of ten pints or so you often have to run the risk of that warm feeling running down your legs.

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    Yeah Moe, we put on events there regularly. It's an amazing place, I just wish we could get some floor plans or pictures of it back in the day.

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    Oops sorry about that. I'm not sure whats gone on there.
    Quote Originally Posted by prenton01 View Post
    When i click on night vision it takes me to ebay night vision goggles and gun units !!!

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    Tickets going fast for Friday's Paranormal Investigation in Lark Lane Police Station. This is an experience like no other where YOU will step into the shoes of a ghost hunter for the evening.

    Join us as we support Lark Lane's Horticultural Community Project

    Tickets can be purchased from
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    We used to live in a flat in Frances Court ( when it was first built) right facing the Police Station - when it was a Police station of course and we could look in and see what was going on.Lark Lane was a little villagy sort of street with a mix of old fashioned shops and a dairy, couple of chippies and newsagents and then Keith's opened and the pubs got more popular. We even looked at buying a house down by the pub and the undertakers, sort of flat fronted Georgian place but it was next door to the funeral parlour......think they wanted about 10K at the time wonder what they go for now?

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    Just been for a Google walk down Lark Lane the house we looked at is now Tirano a Spanish Restaurant and the Cravens the Funeral parlour is all painted up black and white ( it used to be green) The Albert looks spruce in fact the Lane looks as though lots is going on redevelopment wise. Even Francis court looks pretty smart. We were among the first tenants in there in 1964

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