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Thread: childhood memories. part one/four

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    Quote Originally Posted by George View Post
    Ok,don't ya hate it when these people dig up the past.
    I like time team

    Quote Originally Posted by George View Post
    Anyway methinks Chippie left school far to early.
    Maybe he just went to a crap school. I'm rubbish at English, don't remember ever doing any sort of grammar lessons and unless u're taught it, u don't even know it really exists till it's way too late

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    Default Packenham family

    I found out after my thread that the Packenham family name was also linked to ship's supply stores .

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    Chippies story.

    Worth a re-read.

    Updated weekly with old and new pics.

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    You obviously have a limited attention to deatail,fact & truth! I am an Emery by birth & am disgusted with your portrayal of our family your former neighbours from 23!
    My nan (Mrs Emery) was 84 years old when she died & she still had most of her own teeth,yet none of them brown. I suggest you are using your pathetic excuse for humour to be a *****y drag queen desperatly wanting to be funny to cover the fact you are talentless & lacking of any real creative spark or talent.
    Also how cruel & disgusting that you can speak so ill & mock the afflictions of these "Humpty Emerys" who are now deceased. You have publicly ridiculed them for physical imperfections that were not their faults & part of an illness which says volumes about the vile person you are .

    Also these "Humpty Emerys" you have decided to crucify so very publically & lie about for no reason other than the warped twisted individual you are. These are the neighbours that were kind to you & your family.
    Your Uncles hung around with ,my uncles & as you say urself in your poisnous diatribe you yourself played with my mum (Lily Emery) until it was discovered you were a twisted sicko that bullied the youngsters making them do rude sick things for your amusment & exposing yourserlf to them.
    You allude to this yourself in your wretched scribblings but have tried to repackage it in a nice way for the reader as harmless fun, however try it in this day & age matey & just see if your not hauled off to the police!!
    I suggest you now leave My family out of your deluded ramblings trying to justify your disgusting behaviour
    My nana & gra

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    Nice one chippie.

    A good read.
    David ( davemed ).

    Every day is a new day. So, enjoy it.

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