Hello everyone,
I have been working on my family tree for two years now and have hit a brick wall when it comes to ancestors on my dad's side.
I am looking for descendants of Johann and Mary Ann Werner. Johann Ewald Richard Werner was born in Elberfeld, Prussia in 1843. I dont know when he immigrated to Liverpool, England but I have the original papers when he became a citizen in 1888. It was obviously sometime before this as some of the children were already born. Johann married Mary Ann Gough 31 Dec. of 1870. Johann and Mary Ann had eight sons: Oscar Ewald b: 1873-1878; Frank Cecil b: 1876; Raoul Oscar Ernest b: 1879; Gordon Ewald b: 1884-1885; Emil Herbert b: 1882-1957; Max Gerald b: 1885; Norman Hasburgh b: 1888 and Leo Septimus b: 1886-1888. All of their children were born in Liverpool. Three of the children died in infancy.
My grandfather was Emil Werner. Emil married Minnie L Turner in June 1914
Emil and Minnie had four children: Alfred Norman b: 1917-1965; ( my Dad) Barbara (Bobbie); Frank Edward (Ted) and Joan b: 11 Mar. 1927,
At the time of my great grandfather (Johann) passing, he resided at 12 Ellerslie Rd. Tuebrook, Liverpool.
I do know that Raoul married Ethel Corral (Curral?) and had at least one child: Peter, born in 1930 who married Doreen Kerr. I belive they had two children that would still be alive today: Mark Werner born in 1962 and Linda Susanna born in 1969. I also think that these two children were born in Liverpool as well.
With this many sons being born in Liverpool, I am sure there are still descendants living there. If any of these names ring a bell or if you have these names in your family tree, I would love to hear from you.
Susan Werner