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Thread: Place to rent in the city centre

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    Question Place to rent in the city centre


    Anyone any idea of good places to go for places to rent in the city centre.

    Already checked out yourmove and some agencies...

    Thanks in advance for any replies

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    Bedrooms? Budget? Parking?

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    looking for two double bedrooms

    parking not essential

    budget around 600ish

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    Don't go to Manhattan Place on Duke Street. Very very very noisy from inside due to ****e walls. Noise from the corridor and the flats next door etc etc

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    Wanna be more central Angel

    Jon - we were actually looking at duke street area recently.. which one is manhattan place again?

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    I just moved out of a flat on Henry Street last month. I'd be careful about anywhere near Le Batteau or Society both are very noisy well in to the early hours at the weekend as is the Greek restaurant on York Street. I was paying 550 for one bed and one windowless box room and no parking. It was advertised for 650 so it's always worth asking them to drop the rent. There are lots of empty flats what they are desperate to fill especially at this time of year. They can only say no.

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    Seen a couple on henry street that I wanted to get viewings for actually.

    The apartments around there roomy?

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    i was in the warehouse conversion right near the bottom of henry st (18) and it was not a bad size, second room was not really a double but the living space was ok. It depends on the layout, we saw some that were tiny in the same building. Venmore Thomas and Jones deal with most of them. But i'd pop by there late on weekend before you decide on anything.
    The Cornwallis building just off the top of Duke St is pretty good and it has parking too.

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    Thanks.. Will see if there are any available

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