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Thread: Possible Williamson Tunnel Lost Forever

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    Default Possible Williamson Tunnel Lost Forever


    Some worrying news has reached us at the Williamson Tunnels Heritage Centre.

    According to reports an unknown Williamson Tunnel was discovered recently by railway contractors working in railway sidings in Edge-Hill. The workers noticed the tunnel when a pile of ballast disappeared into a hole in the ground. Using remote cameras the team probed the tunnel and took these pictures.

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    They show a bedrock-cut tunnel with a brick arch above - typical of Joseph Williamson. Sadly the report concludes that before any relevant archaeological or local history authorities were contacted the 'problem' of the tunnel was solved by pumping concrete into the void.

    The Williamson Tunnels Heritage Centre has recently seen first-hand how contractors should behave when working in an area of historical importance. During the current construction work adjacent to the Williamson Tunnels Heritage Centre a number of significant features were uncovered and while these have now been covered over the building contractors did at least halt work while a full archaeological survey was carried out which has added much to our knowledge of Williamson and his work.

    Unfortunately, it appears that not all contractors are as open as those working alongside the Heritage Centre.

    If these reports are accurate this will be a very sad loss to us. Keep checking our From:'Latest News' page for updates on this matter.

    More information and original article can be found at:

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    Sorry to hear about this.

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    What a shame !. Unless it was an emergency situation then work should have been halted to allow further investigation & Documentation.


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    A great pity. Where is Unesco and English Hertiage when you really need them????

    Updated weekly with old and new pics.

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