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    "For most conspicuous bravery, devotion to duty and ability displayed in the handling of his platoon. The platoon to which he belonged was ordered to a forward position and during the advance came under heavy machine gun fire, the officer being killed and the platoon suffering heavy losses. Serjt David Jones led-forward the remainder, occupied the position and held it for two days and two nights without food or water, until relieved. On the second day he drove back three counter-attacks, inflicting heavy losses. His coolness was most praiseworthy. It was due entirely to his resource and example that his men retained confidence and held their post"
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    When I was in the infants/juniors in Heyworth Street school (late '50s) I can remember someone giving us a talk on this, as David Jones was an ex pupil.
    There also was a plaque on the school commemorating him. As kids, we used to look at this and think it was Davy Jones of locker fame. Where the plaque is now I have no idea.

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    I missed Frank Carlyle talking about this on Billy Butlers show on Merseyside this morning, I will catch it on the "listen again".
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