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Thread: Studying for 5 weeks in Liverpool

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    Default Studying for 5 weeks in Liverpool

    Hi guys,

    just looking for some advice...

    I will be studying in Liverpool for 3 weeks from the 28th November and again for 2 weeks at the start of January. I will be flying home to Dublin at the weekend (Fri to Sun). I'll be studying on Victoria Street.

    I just wanted some advice on the areas I have found accommodation in...I need it to be cheap enough but safe for a girl on her own.

    So far I'm looking at is and I'm also looking at

    Are these areas safe? And do you guys have anywhere you would recommend?

    Really appreciate any advice you can give! Really looking forward to seeing Liverpool...never been there before!!


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    Liverpool, of course


    The both look nice - but are both on main roads, and very busy main roads at that. The areas are very similar but if I were alone I'd go for the one on Picton Road. The buses are good and the stops very nearby. I live about a mile away. I don't know the one on Park Road, but know the area and it's ok (I work in L8).

    Like every big city you just need to be careful and Liverpool is no where near as bad as some big cities - contrary to what the media says!

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    Yes, I agree with Burkhilly in that both areas are similar. I probably might choose Picton rd though, probably because I know the area better. There is a bit more life and activity around Picton rd and the High street isn't there?

    Park rd is a bit desolate in parts is it ?? .. didn't it go a bit quiet and empty after a few shops closed and some quiet stretches where property was cleared ? - I know it was due for refurbishment. Not sure what it's like around there at night.
    The Pineapple, Park rd, does have a very large Tescos store opposite which is handy.

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