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Thread: church of England Parishes

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    Default church of England Parishes

    If anyone would like a look up for a parish Church, I have just bought a map which lists Church of England parishes from 1910

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    Default Look up Churches

    Hi Mandy,
    Would love to know what it has to say about St.Simons & St.Judes Anfield Road.I think it was dedicated about 1902 - 04,not quite sure.I lived in Hornsey Road,next Street was Sunbury Road,then St.Simons & St.Judes then Watford Road.I started to go there 1937 when I was 5years old and the last time was about late 1955.Had a wee while 1951-53 in Scotland finishing my apprenticeship.Then straight to sea and settled in NZ 1956. Went to visit St.Simons July 1974 on a trip with wife and Eldest daughter and it had gone in its place was an Elderly Persons Rest Home which Looked quite nice.It is still Sacred ground as some of the rubble was used for the foundations of the Rest Home. Have been trying to find out what happened to the WW2 Roll of Honour and a Stained Glass window which I was at for its Dedication during WW2.It was for one of the Congregations Son and Crew of a bomber lost over Germany during a raid.Thank You Mandy Best Regards Ken Berry

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    Default St Simon & Jude, Anfield

    I think Mandy's map just shows the location of the churches and their parish boundaries. An interesting extra bit of information for you. Much of the stonework, the organ and some silverware came from the demolished St Barnabas Church, Parliament St. St Simon & Jude opened in 1896.

    Here's some more info

    This site suggested the church was demolished in 1983 or 1987 depending on which page you read !!! I'm sure you're more accurate with 1974.

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