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Thread: Covering up our Heritage

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    Default Covering up our Heritage

    Just seen the article:

    And just sent an e-mail back:

    Dear Larry,

    I read with interest your well written article 'Maritime Heritage was hidden beneath our feet' but yet again, I am astounded at the stance of Liverpool City Council when they allow such amazing history to 'be covered up again for future generations'.

    I run an up and coming website, Underground Liverpool -

    This is a work in progress website detailing the forgotten places around Liverpool, some well known, some never seen before by the general public.

    Although the above article was written to show that the contractors have a free for all in covering up our history again, can this not be stopped?

    A few years back, the new student block on Copperas Hill behind Lime Street station was found to have shafts running down from the surface to a massive tunnel system. This was little known to the public and the next day, the contractors decided to fill it in with concrete.

    We have seen the flats at the bottom of Smithdown Lane/Mason Street in Edge Hill built over original tunnels causing lots of damage and losing part of the labyrinth forever.

    Would you consider running an article in which contractors of hidden gems of our city have to be accountable for the heritage lost under their own 'patch'?

    Finding a historic site and recording it is not good enough, preservation for future generations is the answer.

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    Good luck brother, they're not fit to be in charge.

    Updated weekly with old and new pics.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ged View Post
    Good luck brother, they're not fit to be in charge.
    I agree.More of our heritage buried but not fogotten.

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    As much as I admire your efforts Cad, I'm sure you know you are fighting a losing battle. The mighty £ is what matters to those in charge.
    You can always count on Americans to do the right thing - after they've tried everything else.
    Winston Churchill

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    Quote Originally Posted by shytalk View Post
    As much as I admire your efforts Cad, I'm sure you know you are fighting a losing battle. The mighty £ is what matters to those in charge.
    Totally agree, but the chap at the Echo has told me he will make an article out of it so it's something at least.

    We lost a good portion of the Williamson Tunnels when they put new flats over empty land so I know exactly what can be lost for good.

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    What amazes me is the number of buildings that are going to ruin, instead
    of building all these new buildings why can't they sort out the buildings
    that are part of our heritage ?.
    The way things are going there will be no old buildings left, just left to
    rot or have mysterious fires so they have to pulled down.
    The latest find is what 2 or 300 years old yet within hours it will be lost
    forever... I agree the £ says it all....

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