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    DOZENS of historic buildings in Liverpool are being considered for extra protection.

    English Heritage experts are examining a list of around 60 properties within the specially-designated site to see if they deserve listed building status.

    The final decision will be made by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS).

    Heritage chiefs maintain listing is not intended to ‘fossilise’ a building, but is designed to make sure its architectural and historic interest is taken into consideration before any internal or external changes are agreed.

    This latest move follows a report commissioned by English Heritage and Liverpool council last year.

    An English Heritage spokeswoman said: “The report contained approximately 60 possible candidates for listing within the Liverpool World Heritage Site.

    “English Heritage has been working through this list extremely carefully assessing each building or site.

    “We anticipate the process of assessing the candidates and supplying our formal advice to the DCMS will be completed by spring 2008.

    “Based on our advice, the department will then make the final decision whether to list or not.”

    The heritage watchdog has not given any specific information about the buildings being considered.

    But it understood many of them are within the Rope Walks area, with a handful at other sites such as the commercial centre surrounding Castle Street.

    Buildings are listed for their historic or architectural importance or because of a link with famous people or events.

    Last year the Casbah coffee club in West Derby was given grade II listed status because of its importance in the birth of the Beatles.

    There are 26 grade I listed buildings – the highest status – in Liverpool including the Albert Dock, Liver Building, St George’s Hall, Bluecoat, and Toxteth Chapel.

    Liverpool also has 85 grade II* listed buildings, including St Luke’s Church, the Regent Road Sugar Silo and West Derby Courthouse, and almost 2,500 grade II buildingsone of the highest number outside London.
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    ALL the buildings in the World Heritage Site are already protected more than if they were elsewhere, so this news isn't so good as it might appear.
    It isn't bad, obviously, but I wish English Heritage and Liverpool City Council would List more buildings outside the City Centre.
    So often, I hear people mentioning a building in their neighbourhood and they assume it's listed, but the fact is that it probably isn't.
    For example, out of all the former cinemas we have left, only the ABC in Lime Street is Listed (and the Seaforth Palladium, but that's in Sefton).
    Coleman's Depository isn't Listed.
    Langdon's Building isn't listed.
    Nor are the 18th Century buildings in Berry Street - part of one was recently demolished.
    And then there are the Listed Buildings which have been demolished.
    For example the old houses in Park Road near the Ancient Chapel, and lots more Georgian houses in the Inner City.
    Which reminds me that none of the well-designed Tram Depots were Listed, and I think they've all gone.
    I'd better stop, before I get too depressed!

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    A listed building means nothing these days, you only have to look at the likes of Sandfield Tower and the church on Rodney Street.

    I have tried to get both the Edge Hill Stable Yard listed (was the only complete stable yard left in Liverpool going back to the 1860's) and I have tried to get the Williamsons Tunnels listed - nothing.

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    I wonder if the Dog and Gun at the top of Carr Lane East is listed, it has
    been empty for the last couple of years, and slowly getting wrecked by
    vandals. I was told it used to a stopover stagecoaches.

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