“The consequence of more and more development in Liverpool is that there is nowhere left for nature to flourish,”
said Ed Connole, Toxteth TV chief executive.

“We are becoming more and more urban and we want to turn the tide against the loss of our wildlife and bring the animals back to the city.

“Since March, we have seen more and more birds and insects and more plants take root.

“In fact, there are so many birds flocking to our living roof that some tenants who use our building have complained of how noisy they are in the mornings, singing.”
He added:
“This is all about encour-aging bio-diversity and creating an oasis in the heart of Toxteth.

“Nobody really knows about it and as far as we know, there are only a couple of other green roofs in the whole of Merseyside.

“I hope more and more people will think about utilising their own roofs in this way.

“You can get packs for domestic homes, and if more people did it, the effect on nature in the city would be dramatic.”
Liat Currie, buildings manager at Toxteth TV, said green roofs not only increased bio-diversity but helped the environment by providing insulation, so cutting energy bills.

She added:
“It is amazing how these foam mats can be pieced together to provide a habitat for plants, insects and birds, but there are real benefits for householders too.

“The foam and the plants insulate the building and keep heat in while keeping it cool in the summer.

“There is no water run-off as the foam soaks it up to nourish the plants and the life of the roof is extended by 15-20 years as it is protected from the weather.

“It really ticks every box. I am so pleased we went ahead with this project and it will be thrilling to see how the garden changes in coming years.

“Already, we have seen an oak tree take root here.

“This garden is flourishing in the heart of Toxteth.

“When we set up here four years ago, we were told that we would never attract any business, but now we have 30 tenants.

“Toxteth TV and our green roof are just going to show that there are all sorts of things that can happen in Toxteth for the good of the city.”