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Thread: Lawrence Redmond/Charles Keitel

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    Default Lawrence Redmond/Charles Keitel

    A tale of two friends. One English one German. Both working together in Old Swan, Liverpool.

    Scroll down to Lawrence Redmond
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    Good work again Tony.

    Started the Old Swan Website:

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    And you Mart. You found the photo

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    277 Breck Road, Anfield. I think its a shoe repair shop? it was a while back.

    Its on the same side and a few doors away from the Betfred shop ( Opposite Ladbrokes )

    If anyone is passing would you take a pic of the building please, if you can like as its busy up there.

    Cheers me dears
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    Does anyone know anything about the Anti German riots that took place in Liverpool during WW1.

    In May 1915 we had lots are attacks on German shops. Sometimes called the Lusitania riots.

    Any pics anywhere?
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