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Thread: Margaret Hilda Kendrick.

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    Cool Margaret Hilda Kendrick.

    Hallo Liverpool,I hope someone can help me. I cannot for the life of me,find out who my Grandmother was.

    I have my mothers birth cert,April 1927,no father mentioned,her mother Margaret Hilda Kendrick,living in Orchard Villa,Orchard Lne East,Fazakerely.

    Does any one know which RC church she would likely have been baptized in?

    I also have Margaret's Death cert which indicates that she was born in 1908,which fits in with what I know from family.

    I know that the family was RC,and wondered where mother would have been baptized,given the address,and would a baptism cert help me further in my search.

    I have been searching for years to find out just who this elusive woman was,and did she really come from Mars. Hope this makes sense and that you will not bite the head off of someone from the other side of the Pennines.

    In anticipation,Nina from Sheffield.
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    Know of a Kendrick family tha lives in the Garston area could try hunting them down you may be related

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    Thanks for the offer Dave,I may take you up on that when all else fails.

    I have had no problem finding Kendricks on the records,but not one Margaret Hilda,or any combination.

    Wouldn't mind but I have traced most of my paternal line back to the 1600's so am not exactly new to geneology.

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    In 1911, there is a Margaret Kendrick, aged 4, born Seacombe, Cheshire.

    The RD is Birkenhead; the sub-district is Wallasey and the parish is Poulton Cum Seacombe.

    The other people in the household are

    Ann Jane Brighton 54
    Edith Millicent Brighton 12
    Francis Henry Brighton 22
    Margaret Annie Brighton 17
    Mary Elizabeth Brighton 24
    Richard Leonard Brighton 19
    Walter Brighton 15
    William Brighton 58

    I don’t have a sub for the 1911 census, so I am unable to provide any more details!

    In the June quarter of 1906, there is a birth registration of Margaret Kendrick, in the Birkenhead RD, vol 8a, page 595. This is a little earlier than you expected, but I wondered if it was a possibility?

    Good luck in your research.

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    In reply to your other question, re the Catholic churches, there are two in Fazakerley

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    Quote Originally Posted by 123dave View Post
    Know of a Kendrick family tha lives in the Garston area could try hunting them down you may be related
    I live in Garston and am extremely good friends with the Kendricks.......let me know if you want contact...allan

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    Hi this maybe something or nothing, birth registered 1906 Wallasey Margaret Kendrick, there is a baptism record (I think C of E) at St Hillarys Wallasey Margaret Kendrick born 8/1/1906 Father Robert a clerk and mother Margaret Ann address 9 Adelaide Street Poulton.

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    Thanks all for replying,

    I have a cert for Hilda father Robert Kendrick,m Elizabeth nee Catherall . june 1908, Altammi Buckley ??

    Also bought May 06 Margaret, F Robert Henry M Margaret Ann nee Moreton, b Adelaide St Poulton cum Seaton.

    I thought that family names may have given me a clue,but not,I could go on buying certs for Hilda's and Margarets until I am skint,but none give me any.

    All I know,from my Mother, is that her Mother was from French liniage,a Catholic,became an Opera singer based in Bristol,never wed but had another child in 1940 shortly before dying of Leukemia .

    I have the cert of death,the cert of birth of younger child,and even traced the death record of the father of that child; still no clues of who she actually was,this is why I wondered if I could trace mothers baptism record,perhaps ther may be some clue on that.

    Yours in frustration,Nina in sunny Sheffield.

    If anyone would know the probable church in Fazakerley and how to obtain this cert,or has access to Parish Records I would be very grateful

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    Hello Nina,

    The sixth entry in the list below gives contact details for St Philomena's RC Church in Fazakerley.

    Good luck!

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    Oops sorry Nina!

    I've just been doing more searching and found that the church wasn't established at the time of Margaret's birth.

    Hopefully one of our Liverpool members will be able to advise of a church which is close to Fazakerley!

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    I thought I'd cracked it until I realised I was looking at your tree on Ancestry, however I note that her Christian names were transposed on her death certificate! Unfortunately I got no further than you!

    Never put anyone on a pedestal... THEY'LL LOOK DOWN ON YOU!

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    Thank you all for trying,as for transposed names,she is Margeret Hilda on my mothers birth cert,Hilda Marjorie on her younger childs birth cert,and Hilda Margaret on her death cert.

    A lady on GR found me a record of Hilda Marjorie Schlesinger b 1908 Dalston,I bought her cert,but that family were far too posh to be mine,dad in government mum from a family of diamond importers,whereas mine are all pitmen and foundry workers.

    Artisan,was the church you mentioned open in 1927? it my mothers baptism cert I need.

    Once again,thank you for all your help, Nina in dismal,rainy Sheffield.

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    Hello Nina,

    The Holy Name Church was established in 1929 and St Philomena’s in 1937, so sadly both are a little late for your mother’s baptism.

    Hope somebody can suggest another church for you!

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    Hello again Nina,

    Here is the link to the "Genuki" Church database...

    If you type Fazakerley and Lancashire in the appropriate boxes, and press Search, a new page will open.

    In the denomination box, choose Roman Catholic and press Search.

    A list of Catholic Churches, within a 3 mile radius of Fazakerley will then appear.

    Now, the tedious bit! You would have to Google each church to find out when it opened.

    Hope this gets you a bit further on!

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    Thank you all for your interest,I will do some research on your churches and see what comes up.

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