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Thread: George Haycock and Frances Prince

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    Default George Haycock and Frances Prince

    I am looking for any information/relatives/descendants with regard to the following couple:

    George HAYCOCK, son of John Haycock and Unknown
    b. 1863 Wolverhampton, Staffordshire
    married 23 Dec 1888 in Liverpool to
    Frances PRINCE, daughter of Joseph Prince and Ann Stanton/Threlfall
    b. 1867 Toxteth Park

    Although I have received much information already from many kind people, there are still many bits of information missing.

    I do know that:

    *George was a blacksmith, served in the Navy and was a docklabourer; supposedly was killed by a bomb near the end of WWII; apparently invented some type of breech loading device (??) and went to court numerous times to obtain the patent

    *Frances was the daughter of Ann Stanton, who was previously married to a man named William Penn Threlfall; had a half-brother named George Prince from her father's previous marriage; had another half-brother and sister from her mother's 1st marriage

    *They had a son named Joseph "Joe" who was an amputee and married a woman named Ann Armstrong

    *They had a son named John "Jack" Walter who worked in The Netherlands as an English teacher

    Any information would be HUGELY appreciated!

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    Default haycock prince family

    my grandparents were joe and ann haycock, grandad died in 1968 and my little nan died in 1986. i can remember quite a bit about grandads family edie parker always got her full name, uncle jack[john] was a tall military looking man and he had two thumbs on his right hand we [my sister brother and myself] didnt see him very often as i think he lived and worked in london he said he guarded the queen whether that was true or not i dont know but it impressed us i can remember aunty flo but there was a flo on my nans side of the family so i cant remember if she was a haycock originally.joe was an amputee and he and my nan got married in 1925,they had 3 children joeseph born in1926 florence who was born and died in 1928 and my mum joyce born in1930 i am at the moment doing my family tree so when i can remember or find out anymore i will write again

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    Hi Lyn.

    Well, I never thought anybody would respond to this, since I have been searching for the Haycock family for so long. I won't disclose too much info on this forum because it's sensitive, but I can tell you that we're related. And if you're doing the family tree then I have a HUGE load of data for you.

    Please keep in touch, this is pretty exiting for me.

    Warm regards, Scruffy
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