Information about the Areas defined as World Heritage Areas:

AREA 1:The Pier Head

• Covers the area from the Strand to the river: includes the Royal Liver Building, the Cunard Building, the Port of Liverpool Building, George’s Dock Ventilation Shaft and Tunnel Offices, the Pier Head Piazza and the Landing Stage.

AREA 2:Albert Dock and Wapping Dock

• The Albert Dock,Albert Dock warehouses, Salthouse Dock, Canning Dock, Canning Half-tide Dock and Canning Graving Docks.

• Duke’s Dock,Wapping Basin,Wapping Dock and Wapping Warehouse.

• The site of Old Dock.

AREA 3:The Stanley Dock

• All the Dock Wall along Bath Street,Waterloo Road and Regent Road including the pavement.

and kerb on the east side and rail track on the west side.

• An area to the west of the Dock wall up to the river including Salisbury Dock, Collingwood Dock, Nelson Dock, Bramley-Moore Dock, the Victoria Tower and Clarence Graving Docks.

• Princes Half-Tide Dock,Waterloo Warehouse and East Waterloo Dock.

• Four canal locks between Stanley Dock and the Leeds-Liverpool canal.

Look at this area more closely next time you go to the Heritage market.

Area 4: Castle Street/ Dale Street/ Old Hall Street Commercial Area

• From the Strand in the south west to Hatton Gardens and Preston Street in the north east.

• The south eastern boundary includes all the buildings on the north side of Victoria Street, Cook Street and James Street and the historic warehouses of Matthew Street,Temple Court, Button Street, Rainford Gardens and to the north side, Harrington Street and Derby Square
with its monument.

• The north west boundary runs along the back of the buildings facing on to Dale Street including all of the buildings South of Tithebarn Street/Chapel Street from Moorfields to St. Nicholas Church.

• A group of office buildings bounded by Bixteth Street, Union Street, Rumford Place and Chapel Street.

• Office buildings, warehouses, houses and tunnel entrance between Victoria Street and the back of other buildings on Queensway.

AREA 5:William Brown Street Cultural Quarter

• World Museum, Central Library,Walker (Art Gallery), the former County Sessions Courthouse, Lime Street Station and St George’s Hall.

• St George’s Plateau and St John’s Gardens.

AREA 6: Lower Duke Street

• The warehouses on the south side of Duke Street from Kent Street at the eastern end to Hanover Street at the western end and the warehouses on the south side of Henry Street.

• The warehouse and houses on the north side of Duke Street from Colquitt Street in the east to Hanover Street in the west.

• Warehouses and offices on the north side of Hanover Street from Paradise Street in the west to Stanley Buildings in the east.

• Warehouses on the south side of Parr Street and Wolstenholme Square.

• The Bluecoat Arts Centre and warehouses in College Lane.

Acknowledgments: Heritage Team, Liverpool Culture Company.