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Thread: Children's home in Gateacre in the 70's

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    Default Children's home in Gateacre in the 70's


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    I'm a 43 year old Liverpool born man and have lived since my 11th in Holland.
    Like most people my age I'm going down the 'memory lane'.
    A lot has come back since my recent trips to Liverpool (thanks to Easyjet). One thing is hard to solve. Me and my brother stayed in the early 70's in a children's home in Gateacre, and allthough we've been all over the place we can't find it anymore.
    We would like to know if anybody has any info about this home.
    What I remember:
    It was about 30 minutes walk from Netherley and it was a very big old building attached to a newer building. It had a lot of gras and trees and there was a wall surrounding the ground.
    It's not Strawberry Fields (I wished it was because that would have been cool)
    I've found something on Google Earth that might be the place.
    Thanks for any help!

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    Could it have been 'Ameystry Court' (spelling) on Acrefield Road just up from Gateacre Brow.
    That had plenty of green around it. Since my time there it may have had newer buildings added to the rear of it and a wall built.
    In the time I was there it had its own garden with greenhouses and a Pig Pen which had a gate down to Gateacre and Hunts Cross Avenue.
    If it is the same place the building is now a hotel.

    Best I can do. Hope it helps in your quest. Good luck


    ps = there is a thread about hotels on the site and this hotel has a mention on it.
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    The building that you point to is on Church Road in Woolton (and also borders Beaconsfield Road which is the same road as Strawberry Fields).

    The original entrance to the building is behind a set of locked gates at the roundabout which I have never seen open.

    It is now called Abbots Lea Special School and was once home of William Gottager, soap manufacturer in Widnes.

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    Hiya ,

    Are you thinking of Knolle Park childrens home by any chance ?

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    Hi DLNY,
    though i'm not sure,your description,and the photo, looks like a place I stayed in for a short time(in between foster homes!)in the mid-60's. If, it's the same place, it was known (at least to me) as the "reception centre", and didn't have a specific name.It was a 10/15 minute walk to Woolton village ,which was down the hill I've recently, also, tried to find this place, but though the sandstone walls haven't changed, there are a lot of new houses,etc, behind them now, and I came to the conclusion that the land had probably been sold off by the council, for development! Also,while i'm at it, how come you ended up in Holland? It's a great place,I worked in a place called Texel,back in '82

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